About PCC

The Perfection contracting company (PCC) is a company built on its reputation for credibility, trust, and professionalism. After long years of first-hand experience in the constructing field nationally and globally, we decided that it was about time we take it to the next level and invest in Egypt the best way we know-how. We offer contracting and sub-contracting services along with engineering consultancies and designing. All within our moral and ethical code accompanied with extreme professionalism, top quality, and an Eco-friendly approach for a “Go Green” building orientation.

Our Vision

Becoming the youngest and biggest green sustainable constructing firm that accelerated from scratch starting in Grade seven all the way until reaching the first grade in the shortest timeframe possible.

Our Mission

Offering a perfect constructing service for our customers leading to a lifetime partnership with businesses and individuals even after project delivery.

Our Parteners

On our way to building trust, we needed to hand pick our partners and combine the best expertise in our process. It took us some time to find the equally invested parties in our purposes and to build the teamwork the way it’s supposed to happen.